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  • iot 2023 trends

    20 December, 2022

    5 Key IoT Cellular Data Connectivity Trends for South Africa in 2023

    After two years when the pandemic shaped the immediate future, we’ve seen dramatic changes in the capabilities of IoT. It’s exciting to think about what the future of IoT will look like even a year later now.

  • event 5g

    31 October, 2022

    MTN C-suite roundtable: What will you do with 5G?

    There are plenty of expectations around 5G, and with it, a trove of new use cases. It will bring extraordinary speeds, extended bandwidth and lower latencies and there are efficiencies and insights to be gained across every vertical.

  • tracking iot dataconnectivity connectivity

    22 September, 2022

    3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Data Connectivity in Fleet Management

    The main goal of the fleet management system is to have full visibility into the real-time status of your device, to know and manage who's behind the wheel and keep the fleet up and running all the time. But even the most dependable telematics solutions are not entirely error-proof and the best networks can go down from time to time. For many of our customers, there is a real fear around the impact of network downtime, both from a reputation and an efficiency perspective.

  • 2g3gsunset nb-iot iot

    2 September, 2022

    What the sunset of 2G and 3G means for your IoT business

    2G and 3G spectrums have served the mobile industry well for a long time. But as new spectrum is being auctioned and the roll out of 5G continues to gain traction, the end of 2G and 3G is drawing nearer.

  • managed-apn apn

    26 August, 2022

    Mobile Data Connectivity: APN-as-a-Service Explained

    With accelerating digitisation within almost every business, there is a need to better manage reliable cellular data connectivity across large numbers of deployed devices.

  • event roaming

    17 June, 2022

    Launch Event: Data Roaming within East Africa

    We organized a face-to-face event in Nairobi to meet our customers and partners.

  • security iot securex

    18 May, 2022

    IoT Security: SIM Management Tool for Smart Security Devices

    Whether you are deploying alarm systems, tracking devices, guard monitoring systems, panic buttons, cash boxes, remote CCTV or any other security technology, SIMcontrol can assist you to find, deploy and manage the best SIM for the job at a cost that suits your business model.

  • roaming iot

    1 March, 2022

    What is IoT Data Roaming and Why is it Important to Get it Right?

    With [SIMcontrol](, we help companies decide which IoT roaming option meets their needs and help them decide the best IoT data roaming option for their specific device deployment taking cost and reliability into account.

  • simcontrol nps customersuccess customersupport

    1 February, 2022

    Our customers' rating for SIMcontrol is double the industry average.

    SIMcontrol NPS is 65 in 2021. This makes us one of the most highly-rated software platforms in terms of customer opinion.

  • Article

    14 September, 2021

    What is Managed APN, and How Does it Help with Mobile Data Connectivity?

    Access Point Name (APN) management is a part of the cellular IoT solution that allows a device to connect with the internet. Managing the APN allows organisations to ensure the reliability and security of the mobile device network. This post summarises what a managed APN is and how it helps mobile connectivity.

  • IoT Internet-of-things managed-apn Business-Prepaid Private-APN

    24 June, 2021

    IoT Data Connectivity: APN vs Prepaid vs Roaming - Which is Best?

    How can you achieve IoT connectivity with managed SIMs? Learn the differences between Managed APN, Prepaid, and Global Roaming.