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Customer Story: KeyTec's Innovative Approach to Real-Time Data and Connectivity

3 October, 2023 | Isil Sumer
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Below is a summary of our video interview with Michael Roberts. The co-founder of Keytec. For a comprehensive understanding and to watch the interview in its entirety, check out the embedded video below.

In the ever-evolving world of coffee, KeyTec stands out with its unique integration of telemetry systems. This innovation not only enhances the coffee experience but also addresses the advantages of real-time data management using platforms like SIMcontrol.

Michael Roberts: The Tech-Savvy Coffee Enthusiast Behind KeyTec

Michael Roberts, the face of KeyTec in South Africa, seamlessly blends his tech expertise with a profound love for coffee. This combination led to the birth of KeyTec, a solution that infuses telemetry into the coffee-making process. By doing so, KeyTec provides invaluable insights, transforming the traditional coffee journey into a data-driven experience.

Why Real-Time Data Matters in Coffee Brewing

In the competitive coffee industry, maintaining consistent quality is paramount. Real-time data, facilitated by SIMcontrol, empowers baristas with immediate feedback post-brewing. This ensures that every cup brewed aligns with KeyTec high standards, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Overcoming Connectivity Challenges with SIMcontrol

Reliable connectivity is a pressing concern, especially in regions like South Africa. KeyTec, with its forward-thinking approach, turned to SIMcontrol for a solution. This platform's adaptability and cost-effectiveness have been instrumental in streamlining KeyTec's operations, ensuring uninterrupted service.

Furthermore, the integration of the APN Network has been a game-changer. By creating a consolidated environment for their devices to connect, KeyTec has optimized their connectivity solutions. The use of lorawan gateways and SIMcontrol's APN backend network has further enhanced their connection to the digital world, ensuring seamless data transmission and real-time feedback.

The Future of Coffee Lies in Telemetry

KeyTec's  pioneering approach signifies a shift in the coffee industry, where traditional methods meet modern technology. Their commitment to quality, combined with a tech-driven strategy, positions them as industry leaders.

For more insights into KeyTec's telemetry-driven approach, click here 

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