AATF2023 ManagedAPN PooledData Event

Unleash the Power of Mobile Data Connectivity: Explore SIMcontrol's Breakthrough Solutions at AATF 2023

5 May, 2023 | Isil Sumer
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The Africa Automation Technology Fair (AATF) is quickly approaching, with just 4 days left until the event. With over 100 exhibitors and expert speakers from various industries, AATF 2023 presents a unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders and learn about the latest innovations that can take your business to new heights.

At AATF 2023, We will unveil our game-changing Managed APN product, designed to optimize data usage on connected devices and connect them seamlessly to multiple mobile networks. Our Pooled Data feature enables APN SIMs to consume data from a shared pool, ensuring optimal data rates and no SIM-level expiry. Additionally, our quota limits keep individual SIM consumption in check while providing flexibility and efficiency.

Our network-agnostic Managed APN solution offers seamless management of SIMs from different networks on a single online platform and shared APN, providing secure, high-speed, and reliable data connectivity. With SIMcontrol, you can enjoy uninterrupted communication across your business operations in Africa, without relying on a single mobile network.

Join us at AATF 2023 to discover the benefits of our platform features firsthand. With custom SIM-level spend rules, continuous SIM monitoring, and flexible, contract-free solutions, SIMcontrol can revolutionize your data communication, IoT, and automation processes.

Speak to a consultant to learn more about how SIMcontrol can provide you with affordable and efficient enterprise connectivity. Sign up today for a trial account and experience the power of SIMcontrol for yourself.

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