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Launch Event: Data Roaming within East Africa

17 June, 2022 | Isil Sumer
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Throughout the last two years, we continued to share our knowledge in IoT Data Roaming and organized several online events. Thankfully, we were also able to organize a face-to-face event in Nairobi to meet our customers and partners. 

To explain more about our product and new features, we invited our customers to our launch event on 15 June 2022 at the Social House Nairobi. We enjoyed a long expected evening with our guests. 

we invited our customers to our launch event on 15 June 2022 at the Social House Nairobi

SIMcontrol Global Roaming Solutions Offer Several Features for East African Users to Increase their Connectivity 

Deploying connected devices across Africa and on a global scale comes with challenges. SIMcontrol’s online platform gives our customers software-powered control and advanced features that make it the preferred option for managing data-roaming device SIMs.  Our users across East Africa are able to deploy connected IoT devices across Africa and across the globe easily with a reliable connection. We offer the choice of reliable roaming partners managed on a single platform.

Speak to a consultant to learn more about how SIMcontrol gives you affordable and efficient enterprise connectivity. Sign up today for a trial account.

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