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MTN C-suite roundtable: What will you do with 5G?

31 October, 2022 | Isil Sumer
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In September 2022, Brainstorm along with MTN invited our Managing Director Kees Snijders and technology professionals in the Western Cape to share their thoughts and experiences of this game changing technology to a C-suite panel. 

In Kees Snijder's view, the key driver to accelerate 5G is to promise a lot of capacity. However 5G is just one piece of the puzzle. There are many competing IoT platforms out there and a lot of them are from the big cloud-based platforms, and there isn’t necessarily interoperability. If you buy a widget and stick it in your thermostat, or your wall, and that thing talks to some software in the cloud, it’ll work until the company that rolled out the software goes bang. Then you have a problem. The standardisation of IoT protocols will need some time before it gets bedded down. With 5G, many more devices can be simultaneously connected, but traditionally IoT is still a siloed industry. An overarching, bridging layer – the dream platform – is still a work in progress.

Kees Snijder's answer to the question of who is thinking about deploying 5G was: Our software platform SIMcontrol is aimed at business, many of which are involved in IoT. The platform provides a self-service portal on top of MTN’s infrastructure, and lets clients manage their SIM cards at scale. He adds that a lot of his clients are involved in asset tracking, and here 5G is certainly exciting because of the potential use-cases.

If you would like to learn more about how SIMcontrol gives companies affordable and efficient enterprise connectivity, speak to one of our consultants or sign up now!

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