Managed APN

A new-generation fully managed APN. Built on SIMcontrol, the trusted online SIM management platform helping companies to better manage large numbers of data SIMs deployed in devices. Ideal for IoT & other mobile data applications. Supports 2G, 3G, 4G and nb-IoT connectivity

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Explore the new-generation fully managed APN

SIMcontrol’s Managed APN solution helps companies seamlessly manage large numbers of data SIMs, providing full control, accurate spend management, flexibility, and support. With our Pooled Data feature, all SIMs can consume transferrable data from a central bundle, and with our multiple networks feature.

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Pooled Data

Pooled Data is a feature where all APN SIMs consume data from a large organisation-level data bundle or “pool of data”. SIMs from multiple mobile networks can share the same pool of data. SIMcontrol’s Pooled Data service ensures that data is purchased at an optimal rate, while there is no SIM-level data expiry. Quota limits ensure individual SIMs can only consume what is allowed.

Multiple Networks

SIMcontrol’s Managed APN solution gives you a solution to managing multiple APN’s from different mobile networks. SIMcontrol is network agnostic, meaning that you can manage SIMs from different networks on one online platform, and on a single shared APN. This ensures you always have secure connections with high-speed, robust and reliable data connectivity, without having to rely on a single mobile network.

Advanced Networking and Security

Security and data control are key advantages of the Managed APN solution. To maintain the security of your network, SIMcontrol’s Managed APN solution has advanced features such as IoT-ready end-point security, customisable firewalling including app, URL, DNS-based filtering and customisable SIM IP options, including fixed or dynamic IP’s.

Benefits of Managed APN

No networking skills needed

No networking skills needed

Live session data.

Live session data.

Specialist Technical support

Specialist Technical support

Add or suspend SIMs as needed

Add or suspend SIMs as needed


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